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Full offshore spread back at sea…

3 juni 2023

Japanese Waterplane

1 mei 2023

A sneak preview of our Solomon Island project….

Japanese Waterplane….

Footage yo follow shortly


5 april 2023

Starting a new project in Oceania!!

Today a team of UXO Underwater Experts left Europe to support our next project in Oceania.

This time an underwtaer cleearance project in the Solomons Islands.

Keep up with our experiences!

German Sprenggranate 3,7 cm with KZ-40g

5 oktober 2022

When you find the whole box underwater and all marks, colors and identification numbers are still on it…

#eod #diving #kampfmittelbeseitigung

Project completed

2 oktober 2022


After some intense weeks another project is completed and some interesting UXO’s were identified, safely brought to the surface and finally transferred to the authorities for disposal.

Enclosed some pictures of the UXO’s.

eod #diving #uxo


Join UXOOS and see the world 😎

14 september 2022

This morning a team of UXO Diving experts mobilized to Papua New Gunea to support an ID and Clearance Project.

Proud on our team!

Protecting the diver

5 september 2022

With a new inshore UXO Clearance started, the project start was a challenge….

Superb Logistical Teamwork, commitment, problem ownership and obvioisly the support of our transport company in the Netherland brought it all together.

Divering adjusted for another type of crane and the diver can work in a safe environment, protected from strong current.

Proud of the team!

EOD #Diving #Unterwasser #Kampfmittelbeseitigung

UXO Inshore Project – Part 2

1 november 2020

The Inshore UXO Clearance project continued on the Dumping site.

More projectiles were identified, safely recovered and at the end of the day transferred to the authorities. #uxo #diving

30 oktober 2020

UXO Inshore Project

While working on an inshore UXO Clearance Project our team of specialized divers discovered an ammunition dump.

Enclosed the results from today

uxo #divers #uxodivers

Disposal of Tallboy, Swinemunde

28 oktober 2020